New Biological Drug Development

A biopharmaceutical drug is more than a protein. UGA Biopharma provides customised Development Services to convert your Drug Candidate into a New Biological Drug. Our well-established platform technology is based on a suitable CHO host cell line, an optimized high yield expression vector and proprietary cell culture media and feeds. UGA Biopharma has successfully completed a large number of development projects for several international biopharmaceutical companies.

All you need from one single source in a very short development time:

We provide:

Cell Line Development read more

  • Characterization of the new biological drug candidate
  • Gene synthesis and cloning into high yield expression vector
  • Transfection of host cell line
  • Pool generation
  • Single cell cloning
  • Selection of highly productive clones
  • Productivity test
  • Expression stability study
  • Cell bank generation
  • Upstream Development read more

  • Lead clone selection
  • Bioprocess optimization to improve productivity and potency
  • Upscale and consistency run in stirred bioreactors
  • Downstream Development read more

  • Development of purification methods of cell culture supernatants
  • Optimization of purification methods
  • Analytics read more

  • Biosafety testing of cell banks
  • Determination of growth, titer and metabolic data of bioprocesses
  • Analytical assay development
  • Characterization of new biological drug product (e.g.: charge variants, peptide map, N-Glycans, SDS, WB, SEC)
  • Binding and potency assays
  • Support

  • Bioprocess transfer
  • Training and after-sales support (on request)
  • Deliveries

  • Cell banks with tested performance, stability, scalability and safety
  • Mock cell lines (on request)
  • Cell line development report
  • Cell line biosafety data
  • Cell line stability study
  • USP development data
  • Consistency run
  • DSP development data
  • Analytical data
  • Bioassay data
  • Our Success 

    UGA Biopharma successfully completed several development projects.

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