Project setup for our clients, which follows the "one stop shop" concept, covers all steps of successful cell line development for biologics and biosimilars. Our clients receive full service implementation by UGA.


  • Acquisition of originator and characterization
  • Cell line development
  • Development of upstream processing (USP), downstream processing (DSP) and analytical methods
  • Final cell bank release, with comprehensive documentation (including bioassays)

Our Key to high titer and biosimilarity

  • Seven months from gene to RCB, with a tailor-made project workflow
  • Various CHO host cell lines
  • High-yield expression vector system
  • Proprietary, in-house media and feeds (chemically defined, protein-free)
  • Process optimization in parallel bioreactor systems and scale-up to 5 liters
  • Close interaction with in-house purification and analytical department, ensuring high similarity
  • Compliant documentation according to guidelines (BSE/TSE safety, ICH Q5B, Q5D and EMA/410/01)


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